Impact Educators Summit

Impact Educators Conference (July 2021)


Want to learn from leading educators, strategic management consultants, change management experts, technology integration specialists, financial fitness coaches, marketing strategists and lots more  as they share insights on practical and actionable tips to guide you on how to boost professionalism in the education sector?

Impact Educators Conference

Agbede Oluwaseyi (Host)

A statistician by qualification, Agbede Oluwaseyi has evolved to becoming a resourceful educator. His journey into the world of knowledge transfer started in his National Youth Service days, where he served his nation as a Mathematics teacher. He soon realised his newfound love of building and moulding the minds of future leaders and decided to pitch his tents there.

He obtained a B.Sc in Mathematics from the University of Lagos and also has a PGDE in the bag. He is presently running an MBA degree program with the University of Lagos and a Masters in Leadership in Education from the Liverpool John Moores University

He is focused and self-motivated and has a passion to use education as a tool for societal transformation and was the Co-Head Teacher at Meadow Hall Junior School, Lekki Lagos. His desire to see young children learn has driven him to continually seek 21st-century pedagogy with several certifications from Microsoft, Google, and other educational technology giants. His strong background in statistics and the use of numbers laid an indispensable foundation in his extensive analysis and use of data for educational improvement by educators at all levels.

As a lifelong learner, he has always been passionate about professional development and this has seen him become a regular trainer/facilitator in several capacities including educational conferences such as the annual Meadow Hall Educamp held in Lagos and Port Harcourt which hosts hundreds of professionals yearly; just to mention a few. He has also served as a Human Capacity Development Consultant with a number of Educational Institutions such as The Lagos State Ministry of Education (Ready-Set-Work Initiative), Chokmah International School (Port Harcourt), Kids Station School (Lagos), Evergreen Schools (Enugu), and many more.

Ebiere Bolu (Teacher and Parenting Coach – UK)

Ebiere Bolu is an A-level Economics and Maths teacher with 16 years of teaching experience in high achieving Independent schools in the UK, helping her students get into the top UK and US Universities. Ebiere teaches parents and teachers to recognise and utilise the unique strengths that children have, and use these strengths to help them learn, turning children into confident, self-motivated, and successful learners inside and outside the classroom.

Ebiere believes that having a sense of purpose and meaning is critical to success in life. So, she equips and empowers parents to raise their children intentionally, to live a life of purpose. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership & Management from the University of Nottingham and a BSc in Economics and Finance from Loughborough University and founded Learntree Ltd in 2017, an after-school club in Surbiton UK, focused on making learning fun for primary school children.

Ladies and gentlemen, joining us to take a look at “Understanding your Role as Teacher”, make welcome Ebiere Bolu to The Impact Educators Conference.

Loniece Ningo (Cambridge A-Level International Biology Teacher)

Loniece Ningo has a B.A. and M.S. in Biology from the College of St. Rose in New York.  She worked as an IT systems developer for 28 years in various industries before venturing into teaching in 2004.  She has taught and trained teachers in 5 countries such as the U.S., Egypt, The UAE, Kazakhstan, and Cameroon in varying capacities.

Loniece recently completed her 7th and final year in Kazakhstan and returned to Cameroon with a plan to create many Cambridge schools with an emphasis on Math-Physics and Chemistry-Biology, modeled after the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of Kazakhstan where students with special aptitude will be selected for these schools and subjects.

She believes that the NIS model, with modifications, may be best for the scientific needs of Africa as Africa needs to develop its own scientists, capable of utilizing natural resources and solve the medical and environmental challenges of the continent.

She also believes that African independence will become real when it controls the acquisition of scientific-educational knowledge that allows Africa to manage and develop its resources.

Taking a look at “Educational Development of African Scientists.”, ladies and gentlemen, make welcome Loniece Ningo to the Impact Educators Conference.

Toyin Sam-Emehelu (Lead Consultant, Coreskills Developmental Services)

Toyin Sam-Emehelu is currently the lead consultant at Coreskills Developmental Services, an educational consulting organization positioned to catalyze significant positive change in the lives of people through educational excellence, empowered educators, transformed schools, and educational establishments.

She is currently the senior special assistant to the director-general at the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Career Coaching, Nigeria. She is a fellow at the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Career Coaching, Nigeria, a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria, and in 2018, she joined the teaching faculty at Inspirational Teachers Online School in the United Kingdom as a video content creator and advisory facilitator.

In the last three years, she has worked with different categories of schools ranging from high-brow private schools, low-income schools in collaboration with the Sustainable Education and Enterprise Development (SEED). In 2019, she was enlisted to become a mentor to four public primary school headteachers in Lagos, and as a facilitator for the continuous in-service training for public Primary School Teachers in Lagos state, this was made possible by Bunmi Adedayo Foundation (A non-governmental organization in Lagos Nigeria).

She is an author of eight books, multiple award winner, a vibrant speaker on various international platforms, and a facilitator with over twenty-five (25) years of updated teaching and learning experience.

With her diverse records in working with kids and training teachers/parents, ladies, and gentlemen, to shed more light on “Personal Leadership for Educators”, join me as we make welcome Toyin Sam-Emehelu to the Impact Educators Conference.

Meghna Chheda (Special Educator, Venkateshwara University – India)

Meghna Chheda is a special educator with over 15 years of teaching experience in Special Education and has handled various cases with advanced knowledge of research methods, comprehensive psychological assessments, and professional therapeutic competence.

Meghna is also extensively trained in Cognitive-behavioral and person-centered therapies with a strong background in the treatment of a range of mental health difficulties through CBT & REBT therapy.

To discuss extensively about “Inclusive Education.”, ladies and gentlemen, make welcome Meghna Chheda to the Impact Educators Conference.

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