Impact Educators Summit

Impact Educators Conference (May 2021)


Want to learn from leading educators, strategic management consultants, change management experts, technology integration specialists, financial fitness coaches, marketing strategists and lots more  as they share insights on practical and actionable tips to guide you on how to boost professionalism in the education sector?

Impact Educators Conference

Agbede Oluwaseyi (Host)

A statistician by qualification, Agbede Oluwaseyi has evolved to becoming a resourceful educator. His journey into the world of knowledge transfer started in his National Youth Service days, where he served his nation as a Mathematics teacher. He soon realised his newfound love of building and molding the minds of the future leaders and decided to pitch his tents there.

He obtained a B.Sc in Mathematics from the University of Lagos and also has a PGDE in the bag. He is presently running an MBA degree program with the University of Lagos and is the Co-Head Teacher at Meadow Hall Junior School, Lekki Lagos.

He is focused and self-motivated and has a passion to use education as a tool for societal transformation. His desire to see young children learn has driven him to continually seek 21st-century pedagogy. His strong background in statistics and the use of numbers laid an indispensable foundation in his extensive analysis and use of data for educational improvement by educators at all levels.

As a lifelong learner, he has always been passionate about professional development and this has seen him become a regular trainer/facilitator in several capacities including educational conferences such as the annual Meadow Hall Educamp held in Lagos and Port Harcourt which hosts hundreds of professionals yearly; just to mention a few. He has also served as a Human Capacity Development Consultant with a number of Educational Institutions such as The Lagos State Ministry of Education (Ready-Set-Work Initiative), Chokmah International School (Port Harcourt), Kids Station School (Lagos), and many more.

Taking a look at “The People Puzzle”, make it a date with the host of the Impact educators Conference, Oluwaseyi Agbede.

Bilkis Musa (School Growth STrategies, Teachers Recruitment Consult – Abuja)

Bilkis Musa is a school growth strategist who is ready to create content and re-strategize to ensure organisational growth is committed to good customer service and effective communication.

She is a lover of kids, with an exceptional observation skill that ensures success and growth in every child and is committed to educational excellence. For her, education is home.

She is a certified Jolly Phonics coach and a trained expert in Early Childhood Education. Her first degree is in Business Administration, she acquired the Nigerian Certificate in Education from City College of Education, Nasarawa State and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

She is the principal consultant at Teachers Recruitment Consult with an aim to fill the deficit that has been created in the Nigerian educational sector due to the prolonged acceptance of incompetence in the sector.

With her diverse records in working with kids and training teachers/parents, ladies and gentlemen, to shed more light on “School Growth Strategy”, join me as we make welcome Bilkis Musa to the Impact Educators Conference.

Blessing Ingyape (Founder, Dyslexia Help Africa – Abuja)

Blessing Ingyape is an International certified special needs Educator and Dyslexia coach; the founder, Dyslexia Help Africa.

She holds a certification from the C.A.D.E.T Academy which covers the 13 disabilities mentioned in the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), the IBCCES (International Board for Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) and Nessy Learning ( an award-winning educational publisher that creates multi-media learning games, video content, and a computer program, that are used in schools and homes in 192 countries around the world for children with learning issues)

However, her passion lies within kids with specific learning difficulties. Her organisation; Dyslexia Help Africa has held various seminars and conferences on dyslexia with the aim of creating dyslexia awareness”
Blessing has been recognised by the John Maxwell Team as an individual committed to learning and living each of “The 15 invaluable laws of growth “In John Maxwell’s material, to add value to her life and others and to reach her ultimate potential by intentionally creating a plan and taking action for her personal growth.

Currently, consults for Dewdrops Community Centre for Special Needs. A top special needs centre in the city of Abuja Nigeria. She’s also proudly a Scholarship beneficiary of the LDA (Learning Disability Association of America) 55th annual conference.

Ladies and gentlemen, joining us to take a look at “Effective provision for Special Needs Children in a Digital Classroom”, make welcome Blessing Ingyape to The Impact Educators Conference.

Kgomotso Lebakeng (Operator, Young & Proud Educators – Ghana)

Kgomotso is a founder and operator at Young and Proud Educators. The company was created in the middle of Covid-19 to identify, interview, acknowledge, and celebrate the young and experienced educators who are driven, passionate and forward-thinking about education. Educators who are going above and beyond their ways to equip the future generations in their respective communities with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed in the future regardless of the challenges faced.

In addition to running the company, Kgomotso creates content on YouTube and Facebook to share his experiences with online teaching and learning. He has started a podcast where he reflects on his 10 years of teaching experiences to share his challenges and wins with aspiring young teachers.

He is passionate about education, technology, and the internet. He believes that education has changed forever particularly during or after the pandemic in 2020. He is currently designing online courses to guide educators on how to set up and transition into online, hybrid or flipped Classrooms as he believes the future of education is in the hands of teachers who are using technology and the internet in their teaching, learning, and assessment.

Taking a look at “EdTech tools to encourage creativity in the classroom.”, ladies and gentlemen, make welcome Kgomotso Lebakeng to the Impact Educators Conference.

Meme Boham (Coordinator, Head Start Learning – UK)

Meme Boham is an Early Years Montessori educator with over 13 years experience working with children in and out of the classroom. She is the head coordinator and teacher for Head Start Early Learning, an early years solution center, which offers teacher consultation, homeschooling and online classes for children of the pre-school age.
Her goal is for children everywhere to have a positive experience with learning and to respond to every developmental need the child has. Meme is the creator of the YouTube children’s show; Games, Songs, and Stories with Ms. Mems as she is fondly called.
She uses her platform to inspire and educate teachers and parents on the best way to respond to children within the early years. She also uses her platform to inspire people to live their best lives from the inside out.
To discuss extensively about “The importance of beginning with Early Years Education to transform the Education sector.”, ladies and gentlemen, make welcome Meme Boham to the Impact Educators Conference.

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