Taysey consults


Focusing principally on transactions in the educational sector, we utilise our extensive knowledge of the Nigerian educational environment and world class expertise coupled with our vast knowledge of experience in leading educational sectors in the world (UK, Canada, USA) to provide accurate and unbiased advisory services in the following areas and more:

  • Curriculum design and implementation
  • Inclusion/Special Educational Needs
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Documentation/Record keeping
  • Starting a new school

Teacher training

We boast of a collection of highly experienced and trusted professionals who work to bring the most comprehensive and personalized educational professional development solutions to a wide clientele. We invest considerable time visiting a variety of schools and programs as well as staying current with trends, regulations, and professional development so that we can provide our clients value for their time. Our trainings involve school curricula, special educational needs, effective classroom management, parent-teacher cooperation, modern teaching techniques, inclusion and lots more.


The right people are your most important asset. At Taysey Consults, we specialise in placing highly qualified professionals on a permanent basis and can help your educational institution find teachers with the required skills and motivation to advance your school. We combine a wealth of experience with an energy and enthusiasm to meet the challenges of our clients. We support customers using a dynamic and constantly developing methodology and therefore offer extensive opportunities to our candidate base.