Taysey Education


Our teachers know how to instill the needed confidence and habits needed to turn poor performance into achievements. Private home tutoring often leads to academic improvement. We help students overcome self-defeating thinking and give them the skills to improve performance. Our private tutoring schedules are flexible to accommodate the best time and place to meet with your child.

Examination preparations

Taysey Education provides private tutors who teach test-taking skills and thought-process strategies that will help your child achieve higher scores in examinations. We specialise in transitional examinations: entrance examinations into several secondary schools (Nigerian and British curricula), Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, IGCSE, TOEFL and lots more

Music School

We run a curriculum that is built on established researches which proves that music affects virtually every aspect of development and when young children are consistently engaged by music during the “musical window” they benefit at many levels.

Music builds spatial-temporal reasoning skills critical for greater success in math and science studies. Music students out-perform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and math. Music students receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students. Music also develops social and emotional skills including the ability to relate to others and better express ideas, and less likely to have behavior/discipline problems.

Our approach is fun, affirming, non-pressured and creative. We maximize the development period of a child’s musical ear. Our small group setting utilizes lively, interactive and diverse experiences. Regular weekly classes are offered at a variety of times: mornings, early afternoons, late afternoons, and evenings (depending on your preferences). Special arrangements can be made to accommodate more classes.

TMA’s curriculum is multi-dimensional and teaches keyboard, singing, theory, ear training, composition, ensemble playing, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone and many more. Our courses are differentiated to cater for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced learners.

Private Music Lessons

Our private lessons provide a one-on-one contact time with our music instructors to afford you flexibility of pace and location of the classes as learning is further individualised. The learner’s observed preferred learning styles are used to ensure optimum learning takes place.